Festival Wellies

The list of celebrities spotted wearing wellies at music festivals over the last couple of summers has exploded. Those captured wearing funky wellies reads like a who’s who of A-List fashionistas. At one time it was only farmers and kids Read more

Posh Wellies

These days even the designers are getting in the act and creating some outstanding, if sometimes pricey, wellies for all you ladies who like to show some style, even if you are knee deep in mud at the latest festival! Read more

Cheap Chic

You’ve just spent a small fortune on the Festival tickets, camping equipment and a weeks supply of double velvet loo roll! So you’re looking for a cheap (but Chic) pair of wellies. Don’t worry, we have bucket loads of great fashion wellies Read more

Festival Essentials

So you’ve spent days on the internet securing your festival tickets, arranged the bank overdraft to pay for them, booked the time off work – now the real planning begins! Attending a festival is like preparing a military operation. Tents, Food, Water, Read more

Benicassim Festival – No Wellies Needed!

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Imagine Glastonbury or Reading without the rain, mud, and plastic ponchos. Now add sunshine, shorts, shades, sangria and a sea of brightly coloured flags and banners blowing in a warm, scented evening breeze. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? But there’s more, much, much more.

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Will I Need Wellies?

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A festival goers guide to predicting the weather…

With Festival season fast approaching thoughts begin to turn to the weather and the eternal question: will I need my wellies?

The British weather has at best always been changeable and at worst totally unpredictable – but it seems to be getting harder by the year for forecasters to get it right. Last year saw the UK’s weather patterns turned upside down with one of the best springs on record and, as you festival goers will remember, one of our wettest-ever summers.

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Wellies In The Movies

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It wasn’t only the Great White that was made from rubber in Steven Spielberg’s classic movie, ‘Jaws’ (1975). A white shark is terrorising the small community of Amityville, the chief of police, a marine scientist, and the grizzled skipper of a local fishing boat set out to hunt it down. The police chief (Roy Schneider) turns up on the boat dressed in blue PVC rainwear and Wellington boots. The sea captain (Robert Shaw) turns towards him smiling and says… “I see you’ve got your rubber.”

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